Mediation Process

Mediation is a voluntary, informal meeting between the people involved in a disputed workers' compensation claim. The goal of the meeting is for all sides to reach agreement on a fair solution to the dispute.

A neutral Industrial Commission mediator who has experience in resolving disputes assists in mediation. The mediator conducts the meeting but does not give advice to the participants.


Mediation is often requested because it:

Makes Everybody A Winner!

All participants must agree to mediate a dispute of mediation will not take place. The participants control the outcome. Everybody must be in agreement for a settlement to be reached.

Saves Time!

Mediation frequently results in an immediate solution. The formal hearing process is often very time-consuming.

Has A High Success Rate!

Over 90% of mediated disputes are successfully resolved.

Practice Area B

Involves No Risk!

Cases unsuccessfully mediated may pursue a formal hearing or work toward settlement outside the mediation process.

Contact the Idaho Industrial Commission at (208)334-6000 or toll free (800)950-2110, for more information about the mediation process. Click here for a form to request mediation.