Industrial Commission

What Is The Idaho Industrial Commission?

The Idaho Industrial Commission is the state agency, which administers the Idaho Workers' Compensation Law.

When formal hearings are held on disputed workers' compensation claims, the Industrial Commission makes findings of fact and reaches legal conclusions, then issues a decision containing its findings of fact and conclusions of law.

Industrial Commission employees can assist you with many of your questions or concerns about workers' compensation. However, they cannot provide you with legal advice. If you believe that you need legal advice, you should consult an attorney.

The Idaho Industrial Commission is NOT:


The State Insurance Fund. The State Insurance Fund is an insurance company and issues workers' compensation insurance policies.


The Industrial Special Indemnity Fund. The Industrial Special Indemnity Fund provides special disability benefits for workers who are totally and permanently disabled due to job-related injuries and diseases.



The Department of Insurance. The Department of Insurance administers Idaho insurance laws and regulations, to protect the interest of the public in all insurance transactions, and to provide safety and stability of insurance institutions through regulations.



The Division of Building Safety. The Division of Building Safety has fixed jurisdiction in the areas of electrical, plumbing, building, logging, public employee safety, and employee/employer relations, as well as mine.