Returning To Work

Rehabilitation Consultants at the Idaho Industrial Commission will assist you with returning to work within the physical limits set by your treating medical provider. 

Rehabilitation Consultants may:

  • Help you set return-to-work goals.

  • Conduct a job-site evaluation to help your doctor understand what is required of you at work.

  • Work with your employer to make job modifications or to identify other job possibilities.

  • Help you develop a new employment goal if a job change is required due to your job-related injury or disease.

  • Help you find a job with a new employer that is as close to your pre-injury status and wage as possible.

  • Help you develop a plan for on-the-job or formal training when such training is required to restore your pre-injury wage.

  • If you would like more information about the Idaho Industrial Commission Rehabilitation Division and the services it offers click here or call toll free (800)950-2110, or contact our office!