What Is the Idaho Industrial Commission?

In General
Injured workers in Idaho sometimes are confused by what exactly is the Idaho Industrial Commission.
The Idaho Industrial Commission administers the Idaho Workers' Compensation law which is contained in Title 72 of the Idaho Code. The Industrial Commission is statutorily required to resolve disputed workers' compensation cases; serve as an appeals court for the Idaho Department of Labor's unemployment claims; maintain files on all Idaho workers' compensation claims; ensure that all employers subject to Title 72 are insured; provide vocational rehabilitation to injured workers; and administer the Idaho Crime Victims Compensation program.
The Idaho Industrial Commission is governed by three Commissioners.  Each Commissioner is appointed by the governor of the Sate of Idaho. One Commissioner must be an Idaho licensed attorney, one must represent employers, and one must represent workers.
Injured workers in Idaho sometimes confuse the Idaho Industrial Commission with the State Insurance Fund.  They are not the same. The State Insurance Fund is simply a workers' compensation insurance company much like State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Northwest or Safeco.
The Idaho Industrial Commission maintains offices in Boise, Burley, Caldwell, Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Falls, Kellogg, Lewiston, Payette, Pocatello, Sandpoint, and Twin Falls. These regional offices are available to assist injured workers' throughout the State of Idaho.
The Idaho Industrial Commission maintains an informative website that an injured Idaho worker may find helpful: http://www.iic.idaho.gov/