Idaho Average State Wage Increased In 2013

In General
 The Average State Wage in Idaho has increased for 2013.  The Idaho Industrial Commission’s Benefits Table shows an increase in the Average State Wage in Idaho from the 2012 value of $661.00 per week to $674.00 per week for 2013.
This modest increase is good news for injured workers as it means their 2013 benefits may go up.
This is important as this value is used in calculating the 2013 Idaho Workers' Compensation Benefits.  67% of the Average State Wage is a rate used to pay time loss benefits which, in some workres' compensation cases, are paid to the injured worker while they are off work and in a period of medical recovery. Time loss benefits are sometimes referred to as Total Temporary Disability Benefits (TTDs).
Once an injured worker has reached medical stability and if they have sustained a Permanent Partial Impairment, the Average State Wage rate is used for the calculation of these benefits.  These benefits are sometimes referred to as “PPI” benefits.  PPI benefits are calculated at 55% of theAverage State Wage.  The 2013 weekly PPI rate is now $370.70 which is up from the 2012 rate of $363.55.
PPI benefits are paid according to the PPI rate in effect in the year of injury.  So an injury that occurred in 2010 will be paid according to the 2010 PPI rate.