How To Appeal A Denial

  • You can appeal the Social Security Adminsitration's deniel in the following ways:

    • Telephone the Social Security Administration at (800)772-1213 and make arrangements for your appeal to be handled by phone and mail;

    • Go to your local Social Security Office to submit your appeal.  To find a Social Security Office near you click here:  If you go to the Social Security Office, be sure to take along a copy of your denial letter; or

    • Contact our office and we will handle your appeal for you!

  • Your denial letter will tell you about appealing.  The first appeal is usually a "reconsideration."  But the Social Security Administration is experimenting in Wisconsin with procedures allowing some people to skip the reconsideration step.  If you’re involved in one of these experiments, your denial letter will tell you that you can appeal by requesting a hearing.  Otherwise, you must request reconsideration and then, after the reconsideration is denied, you must request a hearing within 60 days.