Dog Bite and Dangerous Animals

Injuries from dog bites and other dangerous animals may provide for recovery under Idaho law. An individual who has been injured by an animal with known dangerous propensities may be able to recover:

  • Medical Expenses Related To The Animal Inflicted Injuries

  • Lost Wages Incurred During The Period Of Recovery

  • Pain And Suffering

  • Disfigurement Resulting From Scars

  • Psychological Damages

It is important to document as much information as possible in these cases. Such information would include:

  • Name Of The Dog Practice Area B

  • Name Of Dog Owner

  • Address Of Dog Owner

  • Addresses And Names Of People Who Witnessed The Attack

  • Medical Evaluation Of The Wounds By The Treating Physician

  • High-Quality Photographs Of The Injuries

If you have been injured by an animal, contact our office for a free case evaluation. We can help you understand Idaho law and whether or not you have a case. It costs nothing, other than your time, to be fully informed.