Commercial Truck Accidents

Accidents involving a commercial truck involve special issues and problems for the injured.  Often, due to the weight of commercial trucks and the force of impact, injuries are serious.  The trucking company may be based out of state.

Insurance adjusters handling this type of case are generally very seasoned and will work to reduce the value of your case.  Truck drivers often have jury sympathy due to the nature of their work.  Some trucking companies keep less than perfect records on driver’s safety histories and how often and how thoroughly the truck was maintained.   Legal discovery is often necessary to obtain all the information.

These types of accidents require immediate investigation to insure all evidence is preserved.  Delays in obtaining representation will harm your case.  Not only are the normal issues associated in any auto case important, there are special concerns with trucking cases such as commercial licensing, drug testing of the truck driver, how long they were behind the wheel prior to the accident, cell phone use just prior to the accident, driver training and experience, overloading of trailers, practices used in bad weather and a myriad of other important facts that must be thoroughly investigated.

Often, the adjuster will attempt to put some portion of the fault on you, even if you were doing nothing wrong at the time.

In order to be fully informed as to this type of case, you should consult with us early on in your case.  We can evaluate your case and give you an overview of what to expect.  We do not charge for an initial consultation, we can help answer your questions.