Auto Accidents

You were involved in an auto accident.  You have been hurt.  You believe you are owed compensation by the other party.  What next?  You need to have a clear case evaluation done by an attorney experienced in auto accident cases.  Factors we will help you understand are:

  • Is the liability clear in your case?

  • How extensive are the damages?

  • Does the defendant (person who harmed you) have the ability to pay?

  • Will a jury consider you to be a “good plaintiff"?

  • Will the defendant’s actions be considered bad conduct?

  • What defenses will affect your recovery?

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Almost always, there will be insurance companies involved.  Dealing with insurance companies when you want to recover from them is very different than buying insurance from a friendly sales agent.  The adjuster, who will be trying to settle your case, will want specific information from you and will attempt to settle your case for a minimum value.

Your insurance policy and the defedant's need to be carefully examined to make sure all potential sources of recovery are identified. Few drivers fully understand the provisions of their insurance.

In order to get fair value, you need experienced legal representation that will present your case in its best possible light and work to settle your case.  If settlement is not possible, your attorney should be prepared to take your case to trial. 

Amberson Law offers a free case analysis.  Call and make an appointment to learn what your rights are and whether or not you have a case.